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Xform's vision is to bring the power of cloud computing to the billions of smartphone/tablet users, and lead the Cloud Streaming Apps revolution, and pioneering real-time, multi-screen sharing experiences with mobile and Smart-TV devices.

Business Overview

Xform Computing Inc. is a pioneer in the hybrid Cloud-Mobile application streaming space, and is leading the next transformation in post-PC computing with solutions that stream apps -- and even complete cloud desktops -- to tablets, smartphones and SmartTVs. Xform has created an extremely cost-effective and scalable platform for delivering powerful, desktop-class technologies on mobile devices and SmartTV/montiors for consumers and businesses.
Xform entered the market with AlwaysOnPC, a Mobile-DaaS (Desktop-as-a-Service) platform that is securely accessible from iOS and Android phones and tablets, and built a successful business with 10 Apps, over 1M virtual desktops created.
We are accelerating into our next phase of streaming apps and multi-screen, real-time sharing experiences that will ultimately displace personal computing as we know it today. 

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Reviews & testimonials
  • AlwaysOnPc->Great App!

    With this update it become even better!Seems to be more responsive. It is a remote virtual PC so it is not as fast as a local App but it is much faster compared to VNC clients.

  • AlwaysOnPc->Almost perfect...

    I got this app because I saw the video on using Zoho Meeting, and I had to try it. Well, it works, except theres no sound (as it says in the description) but coming soon... when? I can still edit whatever files I want to in my zoho account so i'm happy, and the screenshare actually works, but if you want others to see your screen from iPad they also have to get this app too.

  • Power Office Suite + Dropbox -> Great App!

    Open Office in my Galaxy Tab! I have a complete office suite now and access to my Dropbox files. It lags a little bit on slower networks but never the less this is a must have application.

  • AlwaysOnPc-> :)

    The best virtual pc emulator. Only thing leave unattended for awhile it shuts of for security reasons.does not support full motion video or sound yet.

  • AlwaysOnPc-> Muito bom!

    Faz o que mostra, facil de usar, embora um pouco lento.

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