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Xform Computing is transforming the world of computing by bridging the gap between desktop and mobile technologies via a Cloud based Application streaming platform. Xform has created an extremely cost-effective and scalable platform for delivering powerful, desktop-class technologies on paradigm-changing multi-screen environments. Xform has enterd the market with it's AlwaysOnPC and VirtualBrowser mobile App product lines. The AlwaysOnPC platform brings desktop-class technologies including complete Office Suite, Cloud storage access, a single-target for HTML5 browsing and app rendering on smartphones. The platform can deliver any Linux application, as well as legacy support for Java, Flash player, and more on mobile devices for consumers and businesses. At the core of the solution is it's Mobile-DaaS (Desktop-as-a-Service) platform called AlwaysOnPC which gives users a complete virtual PC that is securely accessible from Apple (iOS platform) and Android phones, tablets and IP appliances.

Diagram of Xform Computing Streaming Apps on iOS and Android mobile devices


Xform's vision is to bring the power of cloud computing to the billions of smartphone/tablet users, and lead the post-pc, PC-replacement revolution with hybrid cloud-mobile and pioneering 'tribrid' dual-screen solutions with Smart/HD-TVs.
These technologies are bringing about the next transformation in post-PC computing. Xform has created an extremely cost-effective and scalable platform for delivering powerful, desktop-class technologies on mobile devices for consumers and businesses, with advanced user interfaces providing multi-screen experiences that integrate these 'Smart-Screen' devices such as smartphones, tablets and HDTVs. 

Business Summary

Xform entered the market with AlwaysOnPC, a Mobile-DaaS (Desktop-as-a-Service) platform that is securely accessible from iOS and Android phones and tablets, and built a successful cash-flow positive business with 10 Apps, over 1M virtual desktops created, and a dedicated and growing staff of technical experts. Here is a brief overview presentation on the company:

Growth Opportunity

Xform is now poised to take a leading role in the huge transformations that are now underway in the PC, mobile, and Smart TV software spaces: It is no secret that smartphone and tablet sales are outpacing traditional PCs, and the form and role of the PC is set to change forever. Meanwhile, the market for other "Smart-screen" appliances such as Smart TVs and 'streaming boxes/sticks" such as Apple TV and ChromeCast are expanding ability to connect to mobile devices, and are growing exponentially. 
Example problem statement and use case: Smartphones, Tablets and Smart TVs are excellent capture and consumption devices. Users are increasingly capturing, creating and personalizing and attempting to share and collaborate with multi-media content for personal, social, and business reasons and in new ways at an exponentially accelerating rate. They are seekingways to create, collaborate and display/share content from the mobile device to other users (friends, or colleagues) - both nearby (e.g. in the same room/vicinity), across town or across the globe and whatever the best display is available (including Smart TVs). (Moreover it should also be noted that mobile/smart devices often cannot match the power and flexibility of a PC for tasks such as content creation, editing and creativity like documents, images, video, mixed-media, etc.). Users want to instantly share these experiences. 
Here's a brief video summarizing this opportunity:

This technology is also lead to other market transformations:
The market space we are approaching is large: 2.5B smart device owners by 2015.  Based on success of the current remote/virtual/cloud powered-App market space, we believe at least a third to half of smart-device owners are trying such remote/virtual/cloud powered App/solution within a year of getting their device. We have a big lead in technology, know-how, and market learning to get in front of theses users. 
For non-PC owners (the biggest part of smart-device growth forecast, over 1B users by 2015) this is a greenfield opportunity. With AlwaysOnPC as our starting point, our infrastructure can support as rich and compelling a UI/UX that our product imagination - along with our customers input - can create.
Also on the roadmap: For PC owners, we are considering "a move my PC to the cloud" offering (Yes, with Windows support!)
Xform provides this Cloud-Mobile solution today, and is adding a groundbreaking new dual-screen mobile+HDTV/monitor user experience. By offering several options, including “Move my PC to the cloud” service for existing PC owners, as well as new virtual PC in the cloud, both accessible from mobile devices and Smart TVs, we are creating a solution that can replace the desktop computer in many consumer and business enterprise and SMB markets.

Xform is meeting these user demands today with its powerful, cross-platform app streaming solution.

Current Business Status


Founded 2007; <<<XXX Contact for details>>> gross revenue for 2012; cash flow positive

Current Products

Organization and team:

Delaware registered Corporation with headquarters in Santa Barbara CA and development offices in Sofia and Ruse, Bulgaria
Hosting centers in US and Bulgaria


Selected Team Members:

Xform’s core team combines more than 40 years of high technology product development, marketing and general management experience with proven ability to create and deliver innovative solutions for business and consumer applications.

Kroum Antov, CEO, and Chairman of the Board

Prior to founding xForm in 2007, Kroum Antov was founder and CTO at SiliconDelta/PDAPointer.com, and software team leader at Machine Talker, Lenze Americas and Connected Systems. Kroum, started his first software venture at the age of 21 while still in college, and for over 20 years has always been in the forefront of the software  business.

David McClintock, CMO

Prior to joining Xform in January 2010, Dave served as Vice President of Marketing at Cogi, Inc. a B2B SaaS business productivity and conference transcription service. Dave also led Product Management at CallWave (IPO 2004), and was VP of Marketing at Connected Systems, and is co-inventor on 6 US patents.

Val Babajov, Board Member, and Investor

Mr. Babajov is the owner of Partners 1993 Inc. and VoiVoda Inc. In 1993, Mr. Babajov founded his first US-based software company, WebMessenger, Inc., in his garage, where he led the growth of a diverse portfolio of successful software products. Since 2001, Mr. Babajov oversaw the launch and market growth of mobile communications suite of products which were subsequently sold to Apptix (OSE: APP). In 2008, following a successful management buyout from Apptix, Mr. Babajov spearheaded the sale of WebMessenger to CallWave (Nasdaq: CALL) which continues to develop and promote the platform and the technology.

Rumen Bogdanovski, CTO

Mr. Bogdanovski is recognized as a leading software and cloud-computing innovator by the business and scientific community. He is also PhD candidate in Astrophysics. Prior to Xform, his previous work includes designing and managing systems such as: High-availability clusters for BulBank (largest bank in Bulgaria), Lyon Observatory in France, and Bulgarian Academy of Sciences; Cloud-based synchronous system for observations of variable stars that allows simultaneous observations of the same object from different observatories with a single point of management; a system of user transparent distributed databases accessed from a single gateway for the Euro Virtual Observatory project.

Alexander Kirkov, Manager of the European operations

Mr. Kirkov has over 20 years of hands on IT management experience. He is also President and owner of Lion Technologies Ltd, an IT services company based in Sofia, Bulgaria.

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